Facebook marketing advice

im new to the Facebook marketing thing. I was just wondering What’s the fastest way to grow on Facebook. I want to build a artist Facebook page. Anything?

Hey Ricky,

You should be able to use the search button on top and find a lot of topics similar to yours. But the basics are:

  1. Content! - Content is always always good, and is what is going to sell. Always make sure your content is going out regularly, and if it’s content that evokes responses from the people seeing it (shares/comments more than likes), then that’s great!

  2. You can start off marketing by joining artist related Facebook groups. Interact with people there, post your stuff, you should usually get a core group of people who are all working/interested in your niche.

  3. Once your page is at a decent volume of followers and engagement, you can exchange mentions with other artist pages. You mention them, and they mention you.

  4. Once you’re confident, you can try to start spending money on the channel - Ads, influencers, etc.

You should always get your friends and family to like, follow your page and then get them to like and share all your posts to get the engagement rates up. Facebook (organic) marketing is currently on a downward trend now with dropping engagements across the board for official pages, so it’s going to be tough - but stick it out!

These are just the very basic points. I’m sure you’ll find very detailed discussions about these and other strategies to grow your facebook following on the forums.

If you don’t mind me asking, what is the end game here? Do you want to sell your art? Or just get it visible? Currently, Instagram has better tools and is a better platform for you to get to either of these goals compared to Facebook.