Facebook marketing plan

hello evry body
i have some Ig accts running in proxys and i would profit from this proxys to add also facebook accts
what is my plan
i want creat like 20-30 accts ( for beggin and i will add in the future)
and warm up accts with @euhero methode (great methode)
after assign each accts to 20 group on my nich and publish link from my page ( 0 like)
share them to groups daily on each groupe
all the shares are just pictures or videos and i will post link in the page after 10k like
for the nich i’m not sure but probably it will be travel ( specefic country)
i want ask you about what did you think about this ? and if i have any think wrong please correct me

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I have some difficulty understanding your English, but my suggestion would be to buy aged Facebook accounts instead of creating your own. Buy old ones from 2012 or so and they have a better chance of survival I think.

Make sure you warm them up properly using the activity module and get 50+ friends (slowly and preferably from Facebook friend suggestions or people asking to be yiur friend rather than the other way around), before you start posting in groups.

One very easy way to post to Facebook automatically whatever you post to Instagram is to use a “recipe” and connect the accounts using https://ifttt.com/ then everything is automatic from there on and your accounts are connected. :slight_smile:


yes you are not the first who tell me that but i work on my english and sorry for this bad english

I prefer creat accts and work hard because in my country we have Salary like 200-300$/mo and i’m student so i make less :disappointed: but you are right is the best think to do

and thank you very mush for ifttt is really so good

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Your english is better than my second language, so don’t worry about it too much!

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my second language it’s french
and it does’t help me in any think in my life :frowning:
but thank you very mush for your reply i’m happy to read it <3

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