Facebook marketting is dead. Never buy fans through fb ads


In 2016 before Trump President was elected i started fb page the name was 45th President Of The United States.
I started to share posts pics and videos suporting trump and vp after and posts share in groups for trump they reached alot of people and started to grow my page very fast after few weeks i gained 10k likes on my page then i made site called Redstatejournalist and started to post in fb groups very and on my page i started to earn few bucks in my adsense account also on my content.ad acc every day i make more and more money to the end of first month i made 400$ and make campaign on fb same like president my ads was extreme good 0,02 per like incredible price i gained 30 k likes in one month with that rate second month thank to my page i made more money 1k$ and invest in fb ads for page likes i growth my page 120k in very fast time and make more and more money my page was hell active like noone in fb i worked woth that till april 2018 and fb deleted all my pages i invested more than 40k$ and they deleted all my pages
With this journey i want to tell to people that investing in fb ads but in good natural niche non political worth alot and every money spend you will back double or triple


Facebook traffic is overpriced garbage