Facebook marketting is dead. Never buy fans through fb ads

Today, I read the written by neil patel
Is it face by anyone here. If its true, then f**k off facebook.
Currently, I am investing money is buying fans and this BS happens.
Kindly share your opinion about this.

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Well, my FB shop still do not have any sale yet even though I have spent $80 for ads on them. Or at least that is what happen the last time I check.

By the way, should I change my IG to business? I want to check my IG reach. That way I can compare it to my FB. I know MPers recommend not to change IG to business. But most MPers are CPA. I wonder if the same thing apply for ecommerce

My IG have much more like compared to FB though I have no idea about Reach

By the way, should I change my IG to business? I want to check my IG reach. That way I can compare it to my FB. I know MPers recommend not to change IG to business. But most MPers are CPA.

I am doing affiliate marketing, not CPA and also using personal accounts. I wouldn’t change it to business too. :slight_smile:

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Its because the users you got over page promotion are likely to be not very relevant to your niche the users you get over BOOST page are more likely to be relevant instead of page likes Boost and then invite them to the page is a better and cheaper way!

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I don´t think so. For me is working fine, is not an easy road, but it has great ROI. Besides, audience network in video ads just got approved in the U.S, for not verified pages, on its second beta phase, and as far as I could saw it has a great RPM, something between $5/10, so I think is gonna go on the rise pretty fast as youtube direct competitor.

Here you have my journey so far.

Facebook marketing is not dead. Even tho Facebook gives you not a loot of organic reach, you can target your fans with ads, you’ll get a much better conversion rate. Think of your fans as pre qualified leads.

Let’s look at the best alternative you have to get very profitable ad campaigns: the 3 steps (ads) funnel, let’s look at the following example: you’re trying to advertise social media management, but trying to sell directly through an ad to a random audience is ludicrous, you will get terrible CR (conversion rate) and terrible ad score => more money spent, so instead we choose to filter our audience and push the sales pitch only to our qualified leads, here’s how we do it:

  1. Ad sending people to one of your interesting blog articles “7 reasons why small businesses fail at social media”. This will help you to filter the people that might be interested in social media.
  2. Retarget the people that clicked the article with an ad offering something for free. This ad is going to be a lot cheaper than the first one and will help you qualify leads.
  3. Retarget the step 2 audience with a sales ad, this will get a huge conversion rate.

Your Facebook Page should just be a place where you collect an interested audience, making it a lot easier/cheaper for you to advertise to them.


why MPers recommend not to change IG to business?
thx for your wisdom

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Because the engagement drops dramatically. My friend did a switch after getting 500 likes per photo on personal account. After the switch to business engagement dropped to 50-150 likes. After switching back to personal, the engagement stayed low 50-150 likes… I’ve read this same thing happen to at least 10 other people in the BHW forums over the past year…


Wow really? first all of all thx for your wisdom
second thing, can you explain me why the engagement drops so dramatically
after switching to business IG? :open_mouth:

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They want you so spend money on ads that’s why they drop the engagement in business accounts


dam, if i switch back to personal? or there is no way back once u hit the business? :open_mouth:

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It seems like that. I know an influencer, she switched to business, her engagment decreased dramtically and then she switched back. Engagement didnt re-increase in the last 8 months. Sorry! :disappointed:

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I have spent several hundred dollars on FB advertising, and it is completely and utterly useless unless you are a big brand with a lot of money to spend maintaining brand awareness. I say this with a 25 year background in advertising, sales and marketing.

Some of the tips I picked up here on MP have led to better results than any FB paid marketing spend. Granted I am very niche sector with my product, but do not get lured into FB paid ads hoping you will generate sales. you won’t. LH, Mercedes, Rolex none of them sell a single product on FB. But they spend more money on it than most people make in a lifetime - only for brand awareness and in some companies to utilise as a customer service interface.

The best tip so far I have gotten is find all the groups relevant to your topic/product and post there. Build up a following by posting inventive posts with your product. Grind it out long enough and the rewards will come in.

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FB marketing 100% works if your ads dont covert its a problem with either your targeting,copy or product

Or all 3

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From experience spending thousands on Ads. Facebook is trash for me. The traffic isn’t high quality even with my pixel optimized over +1000 customers.I think the only thing that worked was re-targeting but the price on that went so high for me it wouldn’t make sense.

I still have faith in Ads because its a lot of ppl who get there main traffic from it but i just don’t know how without making financial sense out of it.

It really depends on what your selling, i am doing a sort off POD at the moment and i am killing it with FB ads, but as buying likes to a fanpage that is just throwing your money away, there is no reason to grow a fanpage these days, the reach is under 5% and the quality of boosting your ads through your already paid for fans is low at best…

What does work is targeting, know how to target and hit that emotional string and scale it the F&%$k up :slight_smile:


I don’t think it’s dead. I used to think that way too, I’ve spent about $200 before for ads which were completely useless. I’m trying my luck again this time, so far so good. I am trying to create a brand, only spent $4 so far and I got about 900 Page Likers for it.

Seems like you guys are targeting the wrong crowd. FB ads work well if you can find the correct groups. Which is basically all about testing.

Spending the same amount over a period is going to give you valuable information on whats working snd whats not. Thats where you need the metrics FB gives you.

facebook is really working, but you have to spend a decent amount of money and follow the AD policies

Fans are just social proof, what really matters are the lookalikes and the data.