Facebook Media Partners. Where?

Hi, I’m looking for FB Media Partners (freenlance or agencies) for a job. Many agencies claim to be, is there any way to prove that or somewhere where they can really be found? or someone who recommends me an agency that knows

Thank you!

Every Major PR agency has a media portal with FB… we had one that got revoked along with many others in our network in January though. They are not supposed to tell you they have one, nor are they supposed to sell you services… so usually verification and all those other things are bundled into representation and large monthly retainers haha. Youve gotta know someone at one of those agencies basically or hopefully there is someone here who chimes in. I’m looking for some help finding someone with a media portal as well so if I connect with anyone first, I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

do you find someone ma n ? I’m looking for the same things :slight_smile: