Facebook Messenger Bugs

I recieved around 10 message requests today and I cannot see around 7 of them on my messenger app!

Does anyone know why is this happening or is this a bug or exactly what?

are you able to see them from your desktop? I have just checked and I have no issues with that.

I will see that,I don’t know but still I couldn’t see yesterday’s messages yet which fall into message requests.

I also don’t see that I have this issue. See if your app is updated, if it’s not, update it and try to run messenger app again.

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Are those messages received from your friends?

No,they are unknowns.

I got notifications that this wants to send you a message but when I check my message requests,there is no message from that person.

This happened with 7 people in total…

check from your desktop and see how it goes.

It got fixed,I just reinstalled again and everything’s perfect now.


Awesome :slight_smile: so it probably was some bug or glitch on their side. :slight_smile:

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Cool, I thought those were just messages from non-friends but if you’ve fixed it then it’s probably some sort of glitch.

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