Facebook Not-So-Live-Streaming (Looking for help)

I saw something on here about this before, but I must be scrolling past it now. You know how you can do a LIVE countdown, right? I want to stream a LIVE video of just a screen that says one thing (in this case that something is now released). I guess the first thing I would love for someone to do, please, is give a step by step on how to live stream things that aren’t live - from scratch. I have no idea and I’m not a computer wiz. Then, if you would, tell me how to do the countdown and still screen - step by step- please. Thank you so much.

Update* I know how to do the live stream of a prerecorded video in general. Still need help with streaming something constant like a new release thing.

You mean this topic? Just use the search function next time, it works quite well :smiley: