Facebook page hacked, no longer have access, how to take it down?

A friend’s old company’s Facebook page was hacked by a group called Iraq now (no joke). They no longer have the email that gave access to the account, so can’t take down the page. Unfortunately, the company name is also still showing, so it’s a bit of a PR nightmare. Other than asking friends and colleagues to report the group to Facebook to have it shut down, does anybody know any other tricks? He already contacted Facebook about it but they’ve been slow to respond.

Spam facebook page URL all over the facebook :slight_smile: maybe you get algo’s attention.


I’ll think about that.

If he was using Facebook Ads, he can try to contact them from www.business.facebook.com they should see his message faster this way.

Thanks, appreciate this

There is an FAQ section on Facebook help desk, it should help you.