Facebook Page reach dramatically reduced

I have a page with 500k plus followers and not a single paid Follower as I know I worked hard to gain these huge amounts of People Together…It was all going fine for me till september 4 2019 and then I got a block from facebook for using clickbait titles and images…Then I appeal it to facebook and then Facebook unblock me within 24 hours…Here the main part …After getting unblocked my reach is back but its like 0.1% compared to the previous reach…It dramatically reduced and not matter What I post it get low reach even compared to my another little 25k page…Here A page with 25k followers getting more views and reach then the 500k followers…I have tried many ways to get the reach back but maybe I don’t know how to do it…I have changed the Page name after this incidient…I post 3rd party videos with proper editing and well my other competitors are getting normal views but mine is so reduced…Even I can say that They even post videos by downloading from my Page…but I am the one who is stucked with this block and every other page is growing and I already forgot to tell you that my followers growth was also stopped and In present day I just kept it unpublished so I can find the a proper solution…Please Need help from a proper expert…I am giving my link here

Page Link : Facebook.com/mhsinc

Keep posting regularly and see if your reach increases. With the info you’re giving out now we can’t really give any tips. Also it’s not super smart to put your link out there like that…