Facebook page temporary blocked

Hi Guys. Couple of days ago my fb page got blocked with a reason of fb violation ad someone repoeted… anyway every post i make i tag that person… by: @someone … also facbook is not giveing any specific time when my page is going to be back again… how long does it take usually.

What warning message you exactly get?

Can you post screenshot?

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I had same blocked page. Actually the page is not mine, I just push to much with an account I was admin in the page. Now the page is not visible on the search and I can not make it public again, when I click the button the page doesn’t answers.

contact support on repeat imo

Hello dear. My Facebook page got blocked for 3 days and the reason was that my page has violated Facebook and a company file complain against my page but that was just a mistake by me when I was posting details on my Facebook page. Please help me to solve this matter I want my Facebook page back I worked very hard as small entrepreneur on my page.