Facebook page zero reach problem - solving?


Hi guys,

previously I saw that there was a topic about the case when you post good content but without reason you get 0 reach after that.

Is there any news about that - I heard that we need to not to post approx. 30 days to receive back the normal reach. Is that true?

And maybe you can share your experience? I will really appreciate that.


Nearly 2 weeks with 0 reach. I believe there was no reason to get blocked. They just decided on their own. If I had not that many followers I would already leave Fb. This really pisses me off. I can’t even do my work now since some stupid di**head decided to block my page without any reason.

E: No way You can appeal. I spent so many hours searching for solution and yet there was no answer from FB. I can’t even appeal HERE since my page isn’t listed there.


I think the best way is just wait approx. 30 days without posting.


I was writing with one member and he told me I need to share as much content as possible to get that reach back. Just make sure you don’t share from account that is attached to the blocked page. He said this should speed up the process of waiting… so I am trying this now.


You mean you have 2 admins on that page and you will be sharing content with other account?


Sharing to the groups with an account that is not attached (is not admin) to your page.


Some others guys told that you should find somewhere Facebook support contacts and write to them about lifting the block.


If you find them please let me know… I just don’t know who to write yet to get some response


Just act really normal and do usual user activities for 10-15 days


You mean just post content as usual and just wait till the moment when reach will be back?


Normal interactions like any every day person on instagram/facebook would do, like a couple posts, watch a couple stories, browse some pages, watch some videos


With the page or personal ? It’s really annoying that we can’t have a simple account just for pafe why facebook don’t do like other social media platform and let people use account just for page or group growth


Personal or page?