Facebook Pages: Anyone knows how to best use them?

I run a facebook page with about 140,000 followers, but facebook really likes to limit reach. I wanna use it to sell stuff, but it seems like when you include a link the reach is even worse. The bait and switch doesn’t work, you know, posting something and getting likes and then editing it to put the link in. That doesn’t really work.

In what niche your page is?

Did you try using a call to action button on the page and maintaining the good posts so people come to the page and click that call to action?

Horror. Music. A mix.

I’ve never tried a call to action. Not sure what it does.

I think @Johnny is referring to the button on the top right of a FB page, you can link it to a website, video, etc. Correct?

BTW about FB posts, I’ve personally never had luck with their newest feed algorithm, everything gets buried. Images result in extremely low views, practically none, even with close to 1k followers. Posting a YouTube video is a great to way to get no traffic as well, they’re really burying those posts to drive you into uploading video directly to their player, if you want any organic feed traffic to your page.

In general I think it’s a total scam to get you buying sponsored campaigns - which I’ve spent about $50 on over the past few months, tried some general experimenting, all of which were total failures. I seriously doubt it was the content or the targeting but that they wanted a higher spend per campaign to make it work.

yes, I’m thinking that if they made it like that it should work better… though on the other hand fewer people might click it than a link in a post.