Facebook Pixel with to use?

Hello I have a question about Facebook pixels,

So the Main Business Account can have up to 10 Pixels, and every Ad Account can have one.

Why is this spitted in these 2 categories and what Pixel do I need to use? The one connected to an Ad Account or one from the Main Business account?

But when I need 150 Pixels this mean I need to create for every website a new Ads Accounts correct?

Hope anyone is good on facebook Analytics. Thank you

I need image help you analytics

No difference between the features, only how you use it. Pixels connected to an ad account are available ONLY to that account. Pixel created via FBM can be shared between all the ad accounts and users of the FBM.

Never had the need to create so many in one go, but yeah, pretty much. If your websites are all legal, and you’re running sufficiently regular campaigns, you can actually just reach out to customer support and they will be willing to increase the number of pixels that can be created, I’m sure.