Facebook profile disabled

I have been opening different facebook profiles in order to join differen groups and pages and making friends. After a while facebook ask me for a profile proof and disable my account. This is killing because joing a lot of groups and makeing friends its taking time and at the end i lose e everything. Can you guys advise me what yo do? I am getting tired of this thing trying to make some extra $ online… thanks for your Help.

How many profiles you use at the same time on same IP address?

Are you just adding random people as friends? Posting to groups a lot?

I i use to login from my phone and laptop same ip up to 5 profiles. I dont know how much is lot to post in groups but usually i do share name content in 20 groups within 3 to 5 min and i do this like 5 times a day or so… i am adding just random.people mainly that are in the same niche eg. Fashion…

I can see many mistakes but I will tell you the 2 most important.

  1. You are create and use the profiles from the same IP - Devise . That is a big mistake
  2. you don’t grow up your profiles correctly. Your activity looks so aggressive.

It’s very easy for Facebook to understand that your profiles is fake and you can not have a success in this way

Thanks for the naswer, i would appreciate if you can you tell me how to do it properly.