Facebook profile to page?

Recently, i have noticed that the profile to page converting link is not working.
so please anyone can give me update regarding this??
or the new way/link for the same

I’m unable to understand what you mean with this, try to explain more.

this is link for coverting profile to a fan page.
but this is not working, now there is ERROR in converting profile into page.
please help me.
i am currently having 50+ accounts with 5k(approx) friends in all.

Must be a bug. I just tried converting a couple of profiles that are at 5000 friends & got the same thing.

Really no useful info from Facebook, but others have reported it in their help system

yes this is the same issue i am facing.
i have read some Q/A on facebook community they were asked in 2016(a year ago from now) for the same.
but again it was working, let’s see.