Facebook prompting users to download native desktop app

Have any of you guys noticed a FB prompt to download and install a native FB desktop app?

It started on one of my accounts, but now Everytime I log in I’m being prompted to download and install FB’s desktop app.

My guess is they’re wanting to reduce revenue leakage by always bringing users back to their native platform.

Any thoughts?

Is there any likelihood that, at some point in the not too distant future, using FB will necessitate downloading and operating through their native app?

Unlike others, their size and scale is such that they’d more than likely be able to force their users into such a shift.

If they were to move away from allowing users to access FB through other browsers (chrome, Firefox, safari etc) what impact might this have on the way MP works?

That will never happen.
If you try to login on instagram from the browser you get the same thing,it prompts you to download the instagram app.
Windows 7 doesnt have a windows app store ,if you really want to take desperate measures :smiley:

Facebook and Microsoft are business partners and are aiming to make more money than normal!

For me they just want to pull data from the users and by native applications gets easier.

Even if the user does not use the application just by doing the installation on the pc it will be possible to pull a stack of information which would not be possible by the browser.

After that both companies share this data among themselves and use in favor of their respective companies to bill more and more upon the behavior of the users.

I agree, they don’t have the guts to do such thing :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re just fishing, won’t go past that though, that’s what I think.