Facebook Question....Need Some Help PLEASE

I need help PLEASE…I had to have my facebook account terminated, so I did…a week or so later I tried creating a new account, it asks me to upload a photo of myself, so I do, then it says my account has been disabled…What is going on? how can I create a account???

Just to be understood, are you trying to create a fake account or a legit one?

A legit one, I would never create a fake account

I can suggest that you should try to create your account from your phone, but not on your wi-fi. Try with your mobile data. Keep it just there for a few days and after that, before you will try to log in on your PC, restart your router. (just unplug it for a few minutes).

What’s the reason your account got terminated in the first place?


it did not get terminated, I wanted to delete it, not knowing you can only have 1 acct…I wanted it deleted, cause I was not seeing posts from friends on my wall…I KNOW stupid me, so it was deleted, disabled 2 days ago, so yesterday I tried creating a new acct…and well you know rest of story…

under the settings on facebook for an acct they record the mac address of the network adapter built into your computer so…
what we have found creating a acct on another device will work, but a day a week a year later when you try to log in on the device any device that has ever been used with the old acct it will put you back to the verification problem again, saying you have 2 accts and since there is no way apparant, to log into old account to delete the devices used to log into that acct you cant create new acct to use on that device