Facebook recent activity security check, then upload photo of yourself

I logged in to one of my accounts from a different location in different IP which then got locked saying ‘recent activity’ and do a security check. I logged to my phone IP to log in to the account saying that this login attempt was done by me.

I got back home hours later using my home IP to same account and now asks for upload photo of yourself.

Do you know how to stop this?

Is it normal now to get ‘upload photo of yourself’ after verification from ‘recent activity’ security check?

I am not sure. I have been getting this like crazy too and I cant figure out how to get passed it.

I will create an account do 1 friend/follow and then it brings up phone verification then after upload picture of yourself.

I am not sure how 1 friending action activates this block. Facebook is crazy.

This is not for creating accounts.

Here are the steps I am getting for Facebook verifications when logging in to used accounts:

  1. I first get ‘recent activity’ verification. This is an easy verification for me to pass.

  2. Hours later, I get the ‘upload photo’ verification.

I wonder if you guys are getting the ‘upload photo’ verification step after passing the ‘recent activity’ verification.

Dont know then.

Youre doomed good luck. :+1: