Facebook remove my post because they look like spam

I’m little bit confused. I got all my accounts flagged: almost everything I post, even contents from trusted sites, are removed for spam. Has anyone already dealt with it?

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Did you post the content with aggresive? Like 1 post every minute

No. I usually post 10-15 per day per acc. I’ve been doing this since a year at least. Same accounts, same kind of contents (different sites, even TRUSTED sites), same groups

I’m having the same issue for the past few months as well. I suspect many others may be getting it as well without even knowing it as you don’t get any notification about this - you can check if it happens for you too at your account’s support inbox page: https://www.facebook.com/support
Any ideas why this is happening and how we can prevent it from happening? I see there’s an option to appeal and say that your post isn’t spam but i’m not sure if this may cause any more issues or not. Has anyone tried it?

You post 10-15 posts per day? No wonder you’re getting flagged.

You should. I’ve been doing this since more than a year and I’ve never had problems before. Also you should have learned that the quantity of links you post is less important than the quality of content (read engagement) itself in order to get flagged.

@terryoi I noticed that not all posts have been removed: the most are those which have been posted in groups that generated zero engagement, same links in other groups (with more shares, likes and clicks) are still up. Also remotion sometimes arrives after several days, even two weeks in my case

Flagged for 10-15 posts? Noway, I’m doing 12 an hour to each of the groups I admin - Running a Cron from my web server posting to Facebook Groups I admin via PHP. I admin 8 groups - All of them running a Cronjob every 5 minutes & making a post. Never had any trouble - doing this for last 6 years already & now its February 2018 still doing it.

decent insight :stuck_out_tongue:

Its happening to me too… But if you touch in “It’s not spam”, Facebook shows it again.

I guess is just a measure against bots.

This is happening to me too. In the begining I could hit the “It’s not spam” button and the posts were restored instantly. Now I can see that it takes a few hours to be restored or is not restored at all.

To be clear, that button is not a solution. We need to find what is the cause for this in order to solve it.

i have this problme in some of my account alos, and when i press “its not spam” it coming back,

Do you do something different in the accounts that did not receive the “Spam Thing”?

Its the same here. Even plain text can get marked as spam and then you can get it back as “not spam” I did ask MP to build a tool that can go to support box and choose “not spam” so you could set it on a timer and at least the post is back for bumping. They said they need more people to request as a feature request for it. So please request it. It’s not the solution but will help get the posts back.

do you use proxies ?
@Just_saying Its different. You can post whanever you want when you’re an admin of page or a group. Damn fucking fb dude… i was about to get back to it fuken cunts… i will try 3-7 handwritten posts without links and let you know how shit works out.

@trueword It’s true you can do anything in your own group or page but posting another one is the problem. I have even shared my page posts to a group and they are marked as spam even when the page post is perfectly fine. Its very weird at the moment. It’s not always marked as spam after posting. It can be right away or like now I have some as far back as November coming back now as spam. They seem to be sweeping all the time. Then when you challenge it the post comes back.

@islandman1010 well the accounts gets flagged as spammer accounts just like youtube demonitisation/shadow bans. Once you’re flagged your account is fucked and even the accounts that will be on the same IP or if you forget to clear the cookies are going to be fucked too and they don’t check the posts anymore simply flaggs everything you post so if you’re still trying to find a way on that same account/IP id say forget it. What interests me now is how long can i slip through their shit by handwriting posts to reach the maximum amount of eyes. I mean the spintax by handwriting is way stronger but it would still have some contact info that i wouldn’t want to change every day because that would look sketchy af

This even happened with me, on my many years old personal account on my desktop with a home IP, posting a comment on a post (page) with a link in it. Got flagged as SPAM, I could click on something to tell that it isn’t spam, but it didn’t come back.

The link was to an article on a major news website… For sure not spam. And I post links seldom.

Guys, did u try try post some provocative status in the group, and after 10-15 if u see u get comments on the post, then go to Edit post function and change to link.

That way, fb will prioritize your post in the news feed of the other members.

I was marked as spam even in my own groups where I am an admin. I will let the accounts to rest for a few days and I will try to post only some text next time to see what will happen.

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is there a option in MP to check if facebook removed my post?
i have this problem on some of my fanpages… i have many account with many fanpages, and it is not easy to check it out manually.

second thing i don’t know why facebook do it this to me :slight_smile: well, i posting the same image, but with mp changing medium option, and i using few domains (after few weeks changing them for new ones)