Facebook retargeting using instagram

I created twenty Ig accounts on the same niche and i set up them on MP and i want to create a squeeze page for each account using getresponse. My questions are :
1- could i install the facebook pixel in a squeeze page? and put the same facebook pixel in different squeeze pages ( each squeeze page has a different domain) ?
2- Then create a custom audience using facebook ID and retarget all people who visit my squeeze pages from one facebook account.

Sorry for my bad english and i hope you could understand my questions.

I know this response is a bit late @hamza but yes you can. It’s recommended that you make some changes on your squeeze pages to make them slightly different to IG, even if they are hosted on different domains.

I’m not saying this is a must though.

We use the same squeeze page on a lot of different domains/accounts but we are using a small JavaScript on the pages, and I think GetResponse is using HTML right?

Another thing to consider is that the Facebook retargeting pixel will be an identifier for Instagram to connect all your pages.

What you can do to avoid that is create a few different custom audiences in Facebook so the retargeting pixel isn’t the same on more than say 5 or 10 pages/accounts.