Facebook Security Bot Banned my account

Is there anyway to recover or reappeal for a banned account, i am a sole admin of a facebook messenger group chat and i cant seem to transfer the privilege because my account is disabled and i have stored videos as well this account dates back to 2009, what happened was i tried to join 5 facebook groups today and made a post in each groups this wasnt the first time it happened to me first i got restricted then my account was disabled for 180 days then i tried to disagree with the decision however i required me to input my phone number little did i know that it was already used to verify my main account out of panic i tried to input the same phone number then my account was automatically banned by the robot. Is there any way to reappeal for this?,

“this wasnt the first time it happened to me first i got restricted”

Just curious as to why you would repeat the exact same steps that got your account restricted the first time? You expected a different result?

If you’re going to join multiple groups, and post in them, you should space out the time between joins & postings, as well as mix other actions in between all of this. FB is very a sensitive platform.

I don’t think you’ll be able to automatically reappeal, but there are people who can legitimately get FB accounts unbanned. Not sure any of those people reside on here, might have to do some searching off forum. But be careful, as there are even more non legit people who claim they can get it done, and really can’t.

I can help unban all FB assets (pages/profiles, ad accounts, bm’s etc) in like 24-48 hours guaranteed. pm me