Facebook suddenly rejecting all ads


I’ve been successfully promoting my online store over the last few weeks using this ad:

Suddenly from yesterday the ad was rejected with this reason:
Ad Can’t Run: Update Website URL(s)

This ad isn’t running because it promotes content that exploits crises or controversial political or social issues for commercial purposes. You can have a look at our [Advertising Policies] for more details.

I have tried everything, changed text, changed the image, resubmitted at least 10 times, I cannot understand how my ad being rejected relates to the reason given.

Only other thing I can think is they don’t like something on my actual online store - clicking the ad goes to the main page of my store selling locally made artisanal goods in South Africa. There is nothing on there I can see which violates anything.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Your ad is getting flagged by their algorithm, contact FB support

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Thanks, I’ve done so - turnaround takes forever it seems. Do you think it might have anything to do with the content on my store? Do they check anything beyond the URL?

Facebook crawls your whole website, it’s probably some keyword that is triggering this. If they don’t reply in a few days and you have no other options then I would suggest getting a cloaker to run your ad.

That might put him deeper into the trouble zone.

You could switch to a new “landing page” for the Facebook Ads to stay in the whitehat solutions.

Wanted to weigh in here and say this exact same thing happened to me. I’ve been running ads for months with no problems. Then about 4 days ago nearly all of my ads (active and completed) had an “Ad Set Error” with the same reasoning. I requested a review and heard no response for days. Finally I just updated the website URL to a different path and got it going in less than a few hours. Nothing on the ad goes against policy, it may just be a weird bug in their system.

Also you may want to check that your privacy policy is still up. I noticed mine was somehow referencing some other page, so I updated that too before republishing the ad.


heyy there mate! please tell me how did u change URL?

How to update website url?Im facing the same error with u.Gonna fed up.