Facebook Survey asks how facebook changed in past week

I signed into my account and got a popup. The popup asked me to participate in a survey that was only given to a very small group of people.

The survey asked me everything that comes from the problems everyone is having with accounts getting blocked. It specifically asked the question “Do you feel Facebook has gotten better or has gotten worse in the past week”

It then asked, and several times in different ways, do you think Facebook cares about its users? It asks you why you do and do not think they care about their users?

They obviously from the questions being asked are trying to get feedback from accounts they consider to be real to see if their new algorithm changes are a success or failure.

Needless to say I ripped them a new sshle


I gave them 1 star a few days ago on the Android app and then woke up to the app mysteriously gone lol. Had to redownload it.

wakes up tomorrow to all facebook pages suspended

That’s already happened to me, on my comcast IP address, I’ve had to upload my ID 31 times in the past 2 weeks, no joke, to keep my facebook pages, which total 1.2 million likes. Any time I post a story, I get ID locked. Then I have to submit a picture of my face, then I either get back in, or get disabled when I get disabled I submit my id, rinse and repeat, any time I post something.

Doesn’t make any sense I post news, not advertisements or sales, but that is against the law now apparently.

Wait, I don’t get it, you post a story from your phone and your account gets blocked? What a hell is wrong with them…

I’m on my PC, using firefox, windows 10, and even the windows 10 app, and the android phone app. I’m posting news articles from my news websites, they are legitimate, no click bate, so there’s nothing they should be targetting.

As soon as I post, or any other admin posts, I usually get face upload locked. I upload it and it comes back within minutes for me usually, so they must of flipped a switch somewhere that I automatically get out of verification when I upload a picture.

Some of my other admins have not been so lucky, they post an article, get id locked for 2 or more days, they always get back in, but then it happens again. SOme of my admins get locked before they even get to sign in after being unlocked. Facebook will unlock them, but when they sign back in, it asks them for a picture of their face again.

It happens to me when I post legitimate news, or when I promote someone to a page.

Many say it’s the IP they are checking, it isn’t, I use a comcast cable IP that has never done anything bad and it just started randomlly happening.