Facebook system can detect aged Facebook accounts

I bought Facebook accounts. When I log into them, they get locked. I use clean proxies and clear cookies all the time. I logged into one of them and got locked for photo verification.

It seems Facebook system can detect aged accounts not used for years.

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Yep this has been a thing for a while. If the account creation was not solid it would lead to verifications.

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to prevent them from getting Locked you need to use same Proxies that the accounts were created on, so you won’t have to verify your account due to location changes
Contact the seller and let hem know what happened with hes account!

You can still get photo verification(On same proxy or cookies) if your activity is suspicious then old one. Facebook is beast when comes to looking for fingerprints, that’s why I’m still on Facebook marketing. No more competition. Just find what the reason behind a block and don’t repeat it. There is no need to do more action, just do smart action.

There are 2 questions that I think you need to clarify:

  • When you logged in new Facebook account, did you use cookie or username - password to login?
  • Did the seller provide you the friends photo backup to bypass the checkpoint - just in case and the cookie that was logging in successfully in the past?

or you can ask for the cookies from the seller.
If they have it ithink they will give i to you.
Ask the seller for this problem

I logged into 1 account only. I used the username, password to login. When I went to the profile page, it ask for photo upload.

The seller had not photo backup to bypass checkpoint.

The account had no friends or posts.