Facebook temporary blocked account for 3 days, what I need to do now?

before one year I post many video’s on my FB page.
In the last week, my account is temporary blocked for 3 days, because in one of posted video, facebook found copy music.This video is posted one year ago, on 04.2016

I want to save my page’s, what is the best option for me now?
(My acc is admin in this, and another pages)

  • Remove all old video post from page (I don’t know if another videos have copy music)
  • Remove all video’s, also remove my acc from admin, and add another admin?
  • Any idea?

Thank you!

I have had the same problem before and even went as far as a 7 day block on my personal account. Have had copyright notices on old posts from a big page I used to run (that I didn’t even have access to anymore!) and even had avatars flagged from one of the hundreds of FB pages I own, that I made in bulk a year or two ago. When it comes to Facebook, common sense is out of the window - I always have a backup personal account incase the main account gets banned and I add that backup personal account as admin to the more important pages I don’t want to lose.