Facebook Traffic Strategy.. My Model + your input = PERFECT

Hi Everyone…

Below is the strategy model that i plan to deploy on facebook fro targeted niche traffic to my website.
using Jarvee + 20 FB profile accounts + 5 decent 4G private mobile proxy + FB Page + Website

Please have a look and im here to listen for your inputs and improve the model.

For those experts and veterns, assuming that my content is top quality is my expectations in terms of visibility % & CTR % realistic ??


Do you charge for this as a sevice to set up

The setup is pretty easy, though i can help you with that if you want.

Please PM me.

The tricky difficult part is the CONTENT !!

please call me!PM

This looks solid! Did you have any success with it?

I was just wondering, when you say ‘Post useful content from RSS feeds’, do you mean from your own RSS feed or from other RSS feeds in your niche?

Hi there…

The RSS feeds (step 3) are general RSS related to your niche, this is the decoy to cover you up and not expose your main objective which is to promote your own content (step 4).

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Awesome, thanks for the clarification! I like the thinking behind it.