Facebook/ Twitter blocked in RU

Just for those effected or use russian proxies etc.

For the time being - only Facebook and Twitter. Instagram & WhatsApp are still available and not planned to be blocked.

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Good to know. Saw my scraper proxies are still working

Have they also restricted mail.ru by any chance? I was trying to login there since a week ago and I still can’t get to the site. I can’t find any relevant news abt it.

Works on my New Zealand ip. Maybe try proxy?

I can still access from germany.

My rambler accounts are working at the moment. I don’t have any mail.ru and can’t confirm the issue, unfortunately.

okay, it looks like my internet provider categorized mail.ru as an adult website but I can access it with a VPN… thanks for testing, guys!

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Now suprisingly itself - Russia blocked Instagram. Starting tomorrow.

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