Facebook unlocked my account -)

i got the following email. Upon looking it at, the first thing came to my mind was that to share with you fellow massplanners :wink: . Go and check your old emails now —

Hi ,
On January 28 at 4:09pm, someone tried to log in to your account from a device, browser or location that our systems thought was suspicious. To keep your account safe, we temporarily locked access to your account.
However, we haven’t observed any suspicious activity on your account since then, so we’ve unlocked your account.
You can now log in and use Facebook again. If you think someone else may know your password, you can reset it.

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Haha, maybe they’re scared of loosing members so after some time they think it’s better to give it back to you :smiley: Interesting as I have some locked accounts that I left there hanging.

so… time heals all wounds? :smiley: even on Fb.