Facebook's "False News" Update

Anyone affected by this latest update? (has officially rolled out now I think).

I’ve noticed a lot of my accounts are getting password change checkpoints today and many of the pics i’m posting are getting the ‘Did you post this?’ message.

Not on mine yet, will keep an eye on it though. Aside from posting, what other activities do you do?

I just use the account actions function, my accounts don’t do much else.

I just got MP. I was going to use it for auto inviting people who liked my articles to like my news pages…
Think I will have a problem with that with this new update?

Depends on the angle of your news site. If it’s left-leaning/liberal, there shouldn’t be an issue but if it’s right-leaning/conservative, I know a lot of people who having their content censored because it doesn’t fit Facebook’s political agenda.

In my situation, I’m not doing anything news related but some of my photos seem to be getting caught up in their new checks. Could just be coincidence though.

Nah, you won’t have issues with this. Just make sure you don’t invite too many users per day.

I noticed that brand new accounts have a lower limit, they can send around 100 invites, older (and also fake) accounts I have can send about 500 invites, while on my personal account I was able to invite 1000 users per day.

I am going to go ahead and say they’ve rolled it out.

I Used the program for 5 invites and stopped it and then did about 300 by hand the way i was doing it. (I literally have maybe 2-4k of these that I need to do a day on my legit account…

But 2 days ago Facebook started giving me an error that “Youve dont too many today. Try again tomorrow. Contact us if you think this is an error”.