Facebook's new ad. Scary ;)

This time it’s different.

Mark Zuckerman means business.

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He means he will do what appeases Congress, shareholders etc.


I forgot about this amazing as back in the day.

You should be very scared of this company. They are so super brilliant

I am not scared. They only care about money.

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Yes agreed. I’m not scared anymore of these greedy bastards :stuck_out_tongue:

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No a big fan of facebook. I have noticed that my facebook ad revenue dropped since that whole Cambridge Analytica news. I hope this just blows over. I just hope the MSM stops talking about those Evil Russian Bots

it dropped, but rose during the congress hearing.

They should have got Zuck to do the voiceover for this and put an insert of him in the corner of the video emotionlessly reading it out like the lizard robot he is in public. Would have totally made my day.