Facing shadowban issue On more than 20+ account

Grow account With Engagement Group up to 3k follower Now facing Shadowban on all account. Each account handled by team member in different location on different mobile device each mobile device have 2 account only.So i think IP is not the issue.
Tried to change hashtag, reset mobile etc. But not any method working. Multiple New accounts reached 20k follower after that shadowban issue occurs earlier have the post like up to 26k now only 1k likes same as reach down from 3M to 200k per week.

Do you guys have any suggestions? Please let me know it’s really ruined my business.

Automation is dead for the moment so this is normal for everyone reach

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Patience. Engagement ebbs & flows. The “shadowban” effect happens to us all, doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. Either continue posting or pause.

Happened to one of my accounts & it took about a month to begin restoring its growth # including ER.

There’s non-obvious thoughts about why this happen in relation to the algorithm & FB goals for the platform. Said in one concept, this happens to facilitate “equal opportunity” across the space.

Things will likely go back to normal if it what you posted & strategy worked before.

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Maybe you used banned hashtags or over-used (used 25-30 hashtags on all posts) them in the captions (especially in the comments)?

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Ugh, definitely know this feeling exactly. It happens to us all.

Sometimes I wonder what a Social Media platform would look like if that platform didn’t fuck with engagements and organic growth.

Can I say fuck on here?

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You said you used engagement group. Did you also use automation on those accounts? Have faced this issue in the past where clients joined engagement groups and overdid likes which conflicted with my F/UF strategy and account got shadowbanned. If this is the case then duration of shadow bans depends on extent of likes and comments as i have seen shadow bans from 5 days to 15 days on above accounts.
Stop all the automation and likes. keep posting with only 10-15 hashtags and keep changing the hashtags. Same set of hashtags also lead to Shadowbans.
Then once shadowban is over start with your normal activities very slow.

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I never use any automation till 2k followers only use Engagement group once reach 2k follower i only do follow unfollow activity and start getting organic follower. Once account reached 20k then shadowban occurs. All account have different mobile, different location and handled by different guys.

Yes I did everything i knew like changing hashtag, changing device, IP, reset mobile device.
Some account have shadow ban from last 1 month i have keep posting still didn’t uplift.
I have no reach on hashtag. Do you have any tips or i need to keep posting?
Thanks for your advice I appreciate your tips.

Thanks, @pow Big thanks to you man with your tips I started on Instagram. Before 4 months till now created more than 60 accounts and lots of them sold out.
Especially this thread

helps me a lot I apply all tips mentioned in your thread and because all accounts have a very high engagement rate. Whenever I post in the forum I got 50k followers within 40 days no one believes how anyone started working on Instagram before 4 months have so much follower and active account.
All credit goes to you man. From 10-15 days I facing the shadowban issue and unable to figure it out how to solve it.
I am going to use this tips to change hashtags which is used a lot.
Let you know the result

Thanks I hope so Because on more than 3 account i did everything i can from last one month but still it not in good position earlier having 2k organic follower a day now have negative 30 follower a day from last one month. I think i am missing something.

Recently had mass issues similar to this as well ! I had 20ish accounts affected. Paused them all

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Yes its really a big issue don’t know it’s solved automatically or not.I am keep posting on all account so it’s may solved after few days. On 3 account it’s happened more than a month still facing same issue.

@pow I have one question to you about hashtag. Can i also need to change spam hashtag on each previous post? Is this harm account in shadowban or instagram only focus on new post hashtag which i am going to publish?
Thanks For you support