Fail to verify new facebook accounts

Hello guys,
I have a issue. Every-time i’m going to verify a new account i get and instant block . I have tested different proxies but always i get back an instant block. Does anyone know why this may be happening now while ago I had no issue.

Thank you

are you leaving any footprints that you can think of?

There’s a lot of reason why this could be happening. Here are some of them

  1. The quality of your account is bad. The account might be created using an ip or proxy that has been abused before.
  2. Your account might be base on a different country from the proxy you are using to connect to them
  3. The account might need phone verification.

Give us more info about this and we will see what’s happening.

I have test different proxies ,
i have test to create accounts via embedded broswer,
i have test to create account frrom my pcs always connect with a new proxy . Account created but after adding the account in massplanner and connect to the same proxy i have use to created when i push the verify button account blocked in seconds after get the Valid. Its very strange and i can explain why this happening. Have you other way to add accounts. 2 Days now im trying to find a solution.

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don’t use:
public proxies
photos from facebook
and for each account use new profile browser