Failed to solve Captcha/EV/PV within certain amount of time = Instant Suspension?

I’ve had this thought for a longer time - There were some accounts i was testing on Twitter and some of them had a Phone Verification or a Captcha Block - Whenever i didn’t verify them, meaning i didn’t phone verify them or completed the captcha the account would automatically get suspended after like 4 - 5 days of inactivity. I am not sure if that was triggered by the lack of action on my part or from something else.

Did anyone else ever had that happen or can confirm that something happened to them when they didn’t verify their account?

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Are you saying that you didn’t want to verify it or that you couldn’t verify it?

Because I never had any issues with my Twitter accounts. I am getting PV rarely and even when I get some verification request, I manage to resolve it without problems.

No, there was a time where i didn’t have any numbers for PV and i just let the account sit in the PV State - After 5 - 7 days or something around that time the account was suspended and the same thing happened when i did not solve the captcha - Today i logged on my Jarvee and noticed that 50 of the Accounts were banned. When i inspected some of the “VALID” ones i had left, i noticed that they were showing up as “VALID” but whenever i tweeted something they greeted me with a Captcha which leads me to believe that they were stuck in a Captcha State as well, and Jarvee has a Bug that doesn’t show that the account needs a Captcha Solve - Thats why i was asking the question

Yes. This is 100% true. At least if the automation continues running.

Seen this happen over the last few weeks, and it’s annoying the fuck out of me.

Now I have to make more accounts again…

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