Failures in j browser

Lately the browser has been presenting failures that prevent working accounts or occasion crashes.

I think this fault is more in the browser and can be solved by trying another one like mozilla or apple.

Does anyone know a solution to this error?

Sorry if I am misspelled, but I use a translator

solution is you wait. it’s a rate limit error

@hw711 Care to explain what a rate limit error is? I notice mine starting up again after a night sleep

I have a scraper bot that just opens profiles on the browser and parse the webpage’s json to get the user information (no action). I used to be able to go through profiles 10-20 seconds per without any problem. But since last week, it would show “Error try again in a few minutes” page within 50 profiles at that rate if I am logged in or redirects me to login page if I’m not logged in. That error would go away after a few hours. So now I slowed down my scraper to about 60 seconds per profile and I have been about to go through maybe 200-500 profiles without hitting their rate limit. I also added backup logins my scraper would switch to when one login hits that limit.

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PS I don’t use JV. But what you guys see in EB is the same error I see with my selenium bot.

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How does it translate in J settings though. I’m still encountering the error even though the delays are big with some

Not sure, since I have never used JV. Does it use your login to scrape and filter accounts before you perform actions?

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Hi. Im not using JV too but created my own… Also use EB to automate. Im encountering that one.

One thing i notice is its linked to the account and not to the proxy.