Fake Account commenting PRIVATE stuff on my IG

So something really weird happened yesterday as some IG account commented on one of my posts about sth that is not public yet and only a small amount of people know. Is there some kind of way to figure out who that person is that publishes all this info via my IG? Would like to figure that out cause its REALLY weird! Have a good day everyone, be safe.

not sure if this is super helpful, but I’d go and change my account passwords for IG, emails, etc… someone could have hacked you and is play a prank.

The only way to get the real information about who posted it is to file an official complaint, through the police or a lawyer. This won’t work unless whatever was commented can put you or anyone else at “risk”, or “danger”, or has something to do with a minors safety.

You could also go detective on your friends :male_detective: