Fake follow/unfollow blocks

Anyone using Jarvee and getting a ton of fake follow or unfollow blocks?

Basically in Jarvee it says that these actions are blocked, but then when I go log into the EB insta account of the user, and logout and back in, then manually follow or unfollow someone, it works perfectly.

From there jarvee continues to work however 10-20 hours later, another fake block.

Anyone know why? Just recent that the fake blocks started happening super often.

it’s an issue of wheter or not the follow/unfollow sticks. You have to refresh the page to see if the action stick

Not sure how this relates? When I follow or unfollow manually it does stick.

it’s now always the case. sometimes it seems that stick, but in reality when you refresh the page the action was not executed. This happens to like action, follow and unfollow.
I’m dont have a clue why this happens, but it does, and yields an error on JV.
I’m currenlty facing lots of errors like this:

This is not the error I’m getting I’m getting blocks that are fake blocks. All actions stuck. Not having issues with likes just follow unfollow