Fake followers and engagement

Real quick here

If you have a lot of fake followers does that really hurt your engagement? Like can you not grow your account at all?

Just wondering. I seem to still grow but just wondering if I’m better of just restarting my account.

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Ofcourse it hurts your engagement,better to remove them and keep the real and quality ones only.

Instagram’s AI is testing each post you share. Meaning, Instagram will ‘‘show’’ your post to a small number of your followers, and they will ‘‘decide’’ if your post is going to be shown to more people or not.

There is quite a great chance that Instagram’s AI will ‘‘show’’ your post to bots (fake followers). As we know, these fake accounts won’t interact with your post. So, the AI will ‘‘decide’’ that your post isn’t worthy of sharing with more people. Which will lead to worse engagement on your posts.

This is a very simplified version of the posting system. There are a lot more things that come to play.


when growing accounts and wanting to have good engagement fake followers are the worst, you should remove them and focus on real engaging ones.

Jarvee have a tool called block followers that will help you with that


Fake followers can’t bring you anything good when it comes to engagement, so I believe it’s far better to remove them from your followers list.

You can use Jarvee’s Block followers tool as Luca mentioned.

From my experience, instagram shows your new post to top fans first (people who always engage with your content) and after that to other accounts.

yes, that’s true when you keep liking the same content IG keep showing you the latest ones but even with that, your account should not have a lot of fake followers.