FAKE Instagram likes, suggest please the cheapest

Hey, can someone suggest me the cheapest fake instagram likes platform?

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2.6 euros / 1k. Not really cheap, but they deliver instantly and it’s a decent price for the service.

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JAP is probably the most common

JAP is by far the cheapest. The SMM panels buy a service from the Provider for the cheapest rate. Then everyone else resells off that service. JAP is the biggest and usually pass the biggest discounts but you can find some hidden gems if you hunt around.

this all fakes likes stell working?
you don’t get the massage that IG see the you using a fake likes soplayer?

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Is JAP powerlikes service good?

JAP powerlikes is it any good?

Every powerlike from panel aren’t good.

Try it. I used it on an order a week or two ago. Quality looked ok. Not anything like fuelgram but hq for panels I guess…

What is JAP i can’t really search google for it.

just another panel

You could try neutrino+ it’s free for likes and followers

Will buying panel likes put the account at risk of getting banned or blocked?

I imagine it would be easy for IG to see that the likes from JAP are panel - but at the same time if they punish the accounts with panel likes, I could buy shitty likes for my competitor and cripple him that way.

please comment on the current usefullness of neutrino+ for followers and likes. I see tons of negative reviews on it, and I also don’t know if this company is capable of stealing my instagram information. I would be using it in bluestacks.

Did it help with accounts?

I’ve been contiplating this too