Faking whois details?

So, it just hit me that I have a domain that registered under a private whois, and don’t know what happened, the domain was registered with public whois data. The switch wasn’t fast enough, as the crawlers are faster, and my whois has public data despite being private. There was a fault with namesilo, but they didn’t admit its their fault, and now i’m stuck with it having my personal info public.

I don’t know how should i reverse it, erase it or whatever, but hey, getting calls from india all the time !. :sweat_smile: :rage:

Now, i wonder how do you guys go about registering domains with fake whois? When they actually do a audit to verify your details, and know you’re using fake info?

Have owned ten-thousands of domains in my life and never had an “audit” to verify my details other then the yearly email: make sure your details are in order blah blah and lots of my domains still use old home addresses cause I am too lazy to update it, now I wasn’t using fake details other then on my private PBNs (hundreds of domains) in the past where I just straight up put totally wrong contact details to lower the footprints for Google and never had a problem with those domains either.

Once you have your public info out there it is not possible to reverse it afaik because people can search for domain histories (kinda like wayback machine), but you can still switch to private who.is now and it will update within a couple hours (I think) so it won’t be visible in real time only if someone decides to do some digging in the domain history, but why would anyone do that? If you planning anything illegal with this domain I would probably move on to another domain just to be sure, don’t do it obviously ;)…

Interesting. I might just try that.

I was going to use the virtual cc (if i can get one that works) route to register a bunch from godaddy and the likes for IG. Since i’ve read they will try to verify then i didn’t really intend to do such tactics.

But my matter is totally unrelated. I’m just pissed my record is in someone’s DB that i can’t “remove”. Like whois.domaintools.com is pretty good with their record history keeping compared to who.is but i don’t know who’s DB or which domain did that now since i quit SEO long ago.

So these bunch of indian guys have been calling me for SEO and web design stuff. That’s why, if i ever needed lots of domains, at least i know i can fake it to a certain extend because those offers generally don’t have private whois.

same here…they leave this part totally up to you. Unless you get into a serious problem maybe a lawsuite or serious reports, no one will care or take a second look at what details you use there.