False Alarm Errors! PV EV

Hey has anyone else been noticing Email verification and Phone verification errors on jarvee, but when you check them they are perfectly fine?

First time it nearly gave me a heart attack when 40 or so had them in one go but now it’s getting annoying having to set to valid each time.

Also I notice that if my proxy dies or gets banned, jarvee doesn’t tell me and just keeps it valid. It used to give me an error.

Did you check them on the embedded browsers?
Do you have this option checked in advanced profile?

If you have bing or google as url to use to verify the proxies, you should change it to https://www.instagram.com

no, I did not notice that, the false EV PV status issue did happen a few months ago, if you did notice that multiple times you should contact Jarvee support and send them one of the accounts that had the issue.

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Yeah I’m getting 10+ a day and it doesn’t say error in the logs. Will contact JV

I haven’t noticed anything similar. Sometimes I’ve got different status than the request that is asked in EB from IG, but never noticed that exact issue.

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