Hey guys,
Just letting you know about how I was scammed so that it hopefully doesn’t happen to anyone else on here looking at selling accounts.

I advertised my travel Instagram account on fameswap.com. A site commonly used to sell/buy Instagram accounts. I found a buyer who was keen on the account. The buyer wished to complete the transaction through fameswap escrow - which we both unfortunately assumed would be legit and trustworthy.

As per the escrow requests the buyer sent in their money to the escrow member and I sent my OG email and password to the escrow (third party) member as well as my Instagram username and password.

The escrow third party member has then changed all the passwords, recovery email and phone number and everything. They have then told the buyer that I was not a legit seller and that incorrect information was sent to them and that I was dodgy. I’ve been fighting this for the last 2 weeks with the email provider and Instagram with no luck.

The buyer has also had issues with the site also and they are now only allowing him to use his money as store credit. He is along my side and knows how dodgy they are. We are trying out best to spread the knowledge of how dodgy this website is.

Please do not buy anything from here. I’ve lost my highly active account and he’s almost lost his $1300USD.

Please spread the message about these scumbags :frowning: if anyone has anywhere else where they think this information would be useful please let us know. We want our responses to be high up on the search engine when anyone else searches famrswap to help prevent this from happening to anyone else!



So sorry to hear that. Do you have any screenshot of their responses?

How many followers your page had? And what was the engagement?

Has anyone made any successful transactions on Fame Swap? Trying to determine if its an isolated incident or just a blatant scam

I believe that joining this forum with a prosecutorial username and opening just one topic continuing your accusation to this website it’s a little bit suspicious. I suggest you to give some proves of what happened or this will be only a lot of hot air.

Regarding the fameswap website is not the first time I’ve heard they are scammers but I don’t have experience with this. What do you guys think?

I’ve sold many accounts that I listed on fameswap. But I only use it to list my accounts as it gets a lot of traffic from google. The buyers message me there and then I ask them to email me. I’ve never used the relatively new escrow service as I think the fee is too high. I always deal with the buyers directly through paypal.

I’ve once used swapd.co as an escrow service. Everything went smoothly with them.

Hey guys!
Sorry I didn’t respond to the responses - I forgot I had this account. Fameswap have contacted me and reimbursed me for my losses.


Good to hear that :ok_hand: it is great, that they gave Your money back


Write your review here https://www.trustpilot.com/review/fameswap.com

they will answer you

you have to show evidence that you’ve been scammed


its sad to hear your story always use trusted service like Famebolt and socaltradia

really sorry man to hear this but i think you can get back your account have you tried to contact instagram ? tell them that you were hacked dont tell the truth and with hisorical data and changes they have im sure they will help

dont hesitate to make a meduim article about it just copy and past this there and as stated above trustpilot its a good place where you can write about them

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