FameSwap.com Legit or Scam?

Hi, currently looking to sell accounts. I 've heard a lot of people say good things about FameSwap, but the thing is that i found a HUGE amount of post from the end of last year where lots a people were scammed. Is this somehow fixed or what happened?

Never use this website. The whole website is a scam, maybe 5% of the sellers are not scammers and less than 1% of buyers are legit


Try using CL I’ve had success their surpriningly.

And what is CL?

It’s horrible lol

That sounds like a fun time

Never use fameswap escrow, I personally sold a few instagram’s there but never through their escrow always THROUGH PAYPAL

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really i thought it was one of the trusted sites?!

Nahhh, not really. I used swapd and I confirm that it’s the best website where you can buy og usernames and accounts safe.

The issues from last year have been addressed many times in other topics. We processed many transactions since then. People that actually used our escrow service and followed our terms of use were never scammed, those who got contacted outside of Fameswap and went off the platform, those are the users who complained and passed all the fault on us.

So you are selling on Fameswap just fine, but you are against Fameswap escrow because you never ACTUALLY used it?

Fameswap is the largest and most trusted marketplace.

It was an escrow scam and you know it. And aren’t trust depending on cutomers? Sure as hell doesn’t sound like it is the most trusted marketplace, Just saying, writing that only made your case worse

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EXACTLY, My friend used the escrow and got scammed he lost a 100k page that was about to sell for about 4k$ that’s a lot buddy.

I sold many accounts on Fameswap and everything went ok.
I didn’t used their Escrow,i dealt directly with the buyer.


Hi, can I ask that is it easy to sell accounts on Fameswap and by the way how much profit they earn?
I have some accounts around 5k-10k with good ER

You can ask a better price,usualy people buying from there are regular people.On a forum like MpSocial people have different price expectations.Just ask max amount and negociate from there.


Fameswap is a complete and utter scam - they attempted to steal our account of 120,000 followers during the escrow process.

They appear to be run out of Albania - we are bewildered that a prominent website is committing regular fraud against unsuspecting users. Just google “fameswap scam”.

Please everyone - AVOID FAMESWAP

elysian11 attempted to defraud the buyer and violated Fameswap terms of service on multiple occasions. The seller repeatedly spammed through Fameswap and solicited Fameswap users with competitor services AFTER their escrow was shut down.

Regarding his escrow, after we secured funds from the buyer, we attempted to access sellers account with details that the seller provided, before logging into the account we checked if account was active on instagram and to our surprise it was not on instagram and not live, it appeared as if the account was banned. We did not proceed further. We immediately reached out to the seller to see what is going on and the seller started blaming us for stealing their account. The seller claims some Albania location which is evidently not related to Fameswap, all Fameswap staff are located in USA as seen on our contact page.

The funds have been refunded to the buyer.

elysian11 claims to have reported the account stolen to Instagram and recovered it, but something tells us the seller is not honest here and covering up details. Due to amount of IP addresses and proxies they used on Fameswap, and spam messages they sent through our platform, we have reason to believe the seller is either working for a competitor trying to discredit our brand, or they are a scammer themself.

After the incident, elysian11 continued using Fameswap to solicit users and offer them to come off the platform and use sketchy tactics. We have one instance where another buyer was defrauded by elysian11, this seller started ignoring buyer’s messages after the buyer sent in the funds.

If anyone has any questions regarding this case or needs more details, you are welcome to contact us through our website.