Fameswap Escrow Scam

Hello everybody,

I just want to warn everybody to not use the fameswap.com escrow service, those guys are scammers.

I just wanted to sell an account for around 3K$ there and got it almost scammed.

I’m not sure if the buyer was also involved in this but haven’t heard from him since.

This is how they did it:

Today I received a message from them that the escrow has been funded by the buyer and that I should submit my login details for approval.

Some hours later I noticed that I was logged out from my account so I checked what was going on. The username wasn’t found anymore so I checked the E-Mail account that I also submitted to them along with the account. There was an E-Mail from “Instagram” that said your account was banned.

Fortunately, I kept the OG E-Mail so I clicked the revert E-Mail address change link and noticed that my username was just changed. So I changed the password and secured my account through 2-factor authentication. Fortunately, they didn’t do this, otherwise I would have had to go through my account was hacked process with the OG email, which would have taken a lot longer.

Afterwards I inspected the other email account a bit more and went through the logs and noticed that one email was deleted, obviously the “your email has been changed”-Email from Instagram, then I looked at the email which said that my account was banned and noticed that it was sent from Instagram@mail.com

So at least those guys tried to be a bit creative and wanted to make it look like that my account was banned.

So please stay away from those scammers


Do not use Fameswap at ALL…The site owners are scammers as well as most of the sellers. They will run a paypal scam where you pay then the take the account back by reporting it stolen


Thanks for taking time to warn our users.



Wow insane, @Adnan I just lost my ig account to disabled. I got desperate and purchase a account from fameswap > pay pal I buy the account and few hours later gone, no access to it. I reach out to original owner they tell me it was hijacked and they will get it back. They got it back and gave me information I have access to it and now have the account temporarily disabled because I’m scared of getting it ‘’hijacked’’ again or is it really the guy who sold it to me taking it back? Only password was changed, not the username or photos nothing. He told me this happens every time he sells account, should I appeal to pay pal and get my money back 400$ is what I paid …Or should I keep the account and risks that come along with it? He was able to retrieve the account after it got stolen but not I after he put my information in email/phone number even 2nd factor authentication…I still didn’t understand… I’m so nervous… and then seeing this post made me worse :frowning: I’m so confused and desperate at this point… thanks guys -Bella

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Yes - Fameswap is a complete and utter scam - they attempted to steal our account of 120,000 followers during the escrow process.

They appear to be run out of Albania and somehow they are still allowed to post here.

OP of this thread @Maximilian_Pleickhar was a victim of a phishing email and tried to pass blame on Fameswap. Once our escrow team member logged in to start transfer of the account, the account was already gone from Instagram. We immediately reached out to the seller to see what is going on and the seller started blaming us for stealing their account.

The funds have been refunded to the buyer. The seller has the account recovered.

Our policy is to reimburse sellers in case if their accounts are stolen due to Fameswap’s fault. Which it was not. The seller claims to have the account recovered from Instagram. Case closed.

@elysian11 is a scammer and a spammer we caught on our website earlier last week. after banning him from our platform he is now parading around internet making false claims. elysian11 used various IP addresses and proxies on Fameswap, and sent spam messages through our platform, we have reason to believe elysian11 is working for a competitor trying to discredit our brand. elysian11 used Fameswap to solicit users and offer them to come off the platform and use sketchy tactics. Please ignore all his random ramblings.

He is not lying. Do you want me to expose your original identiy as well as your multiple websites. You thick headed buffoon. The website has been exposed numerous times, looking forward to seeing you in jail

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