Fameswap scammed me here are some proves you get scammed from them

Hey I’m a client how want to sell his account of the fameswap and i have one client how want to buy my account and then he offer me to process in escrow team in fameswap then i get contacted in email from escrow team and tell the payment did receive and then i give them the informantion about my account give original email of my tiktok account give password and then after he did change my password and everything i get an email by finance escrow team fameswap and then they tell me the payment is going in your bank account about 3-5 days.I did send two email there is been 5 days and still you dont receive my payment and after that i did send two other emails and they didnt respond for 7 days here are some prove for fameswap how i got scammed

Have done dozens of Transaction’s on Fameswap, never got scammed, delays yes . But these days i see so many scam stories with others. I wonder whats the real reason. I saw a message saying why is my Buyer Banned ?? Maybe thats the reason why this is pending. Did you get to know the reason for that ? @fameswapescrow ?

I watch it yesterday myself there were banning him on fameswap and they didnt tell me nothing didnt respond to me for 7 days and im trying to reach them by messages but they didnt respond and they were scammed me for sure and im very upset becuase i grow that account myself from stratch and put my time for it