Fast growth of ig profile


What would you recommend as a best way to grow an instagram profile from zero without buying followers? What would your game plan be?

Hey @markacad I would recommend any of the following: Jarvee growth expert, Instagram giveaway campaigns, or ad spend! Even a mixture of all would be amazing

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Thanks for recommending Jarvee :smiley:

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If you are concerned with gaining followers, this will depend on how well you manage your accounts. One way to make sure that other people get interested to follow your account is by interacting with users who are interested in your niche and of course to make sure that you have account content that can entice other users to engage with your accounts.

You may check out the following references for a quick guide on how to grow your Instagram accounts with Jarvee:
How To Use The Follow Tool For Maximum Results - Jarvee
How To Grow Your Instagram Accounts Like a Pro With JARVEE

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If you don’t want to use any service then first thing you can do is to have really amazing content (posts/stories/reels) and slowly build friendship and connections with other Influencers and accounts in same niche. Content is always #1 main factor, when people start noticing good content they must follow you to see more of it.

I rarely follow anyone on my personal IG, but couple days ago I seen on explore Reel post from a guy who travel with lambo and his girl. His account is @zedsly and after checking a few videos I had to follow him, content is simply amazing. I know you will say its very hard to produce such content and it probably is, but if you want to grow and get popular first think of your niche and what can you do to be unique, and invest in your content.

You can get push with some services, with bigger budget you can get any amount of followers, but nothing can replace quality content, and you need it to keep your followers active.

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start with Jarvee, warm the account correctly then start with the like tool, like comment, story viewing and some posting as well, then you can use the follow/unfollow method using slaves and scrapers, also, you might be willing to do some collaborations with other accounts.

Start growing organically by using Jarvee. Simple follow/unfollow will do the trick but you can go with some more advanced methods over time like mother/child. I would totally recommend you to avoid buying followers, as that has proven to be the worst way of growing accounts because it can make more damage than gain for your account.

There are multiple methods you can use to grow your accounts.

  • Jarvee
  • Shoutouts
  • M/S method
  • Mass DM services

Jarvee is the cheapest option, the other ways give you better results, but they require a good budget.

I am using Jarvee, and it’s working great for me :slight_smile: