Fastest way to grow a group?

Does Facebook still allow a shit tonne of invites? Also being the admin of a group can you pin messages to the top?

Read this, it will give you a lot of value for growing a group.


have been looking for a guide on this, thanks!

yes you can pin messages on top(they are known as announcements)

Fastest way I’ve seen is hosting a free challenge inside a group. (5-21 days focusing on one specific outcome)

Then pitching the shit out of it:
Guest posts on your FB wall or blog or email list
and LIVE q&a interviews with other group hosts (this worked the best for me as you are directly talking to an engaged tribe of ppl and their leader)

This has worked well for me when I hosted an Instagram 5 day challenge a few years ago. It Works well in the weightloss niche as well.

People love challenges and for some reason, when they see they are getting results, they share it with friends so their friends get Fear of missing out so they sign up too. Lol

Offer upsells from day 1 for those who want long term results btw.

(there’s an entire art on designing challenges for maximum profit and member success)


I can’t tell you the number of times my wife has fallen for these. Once it’s in her head she can’t help herself. The last one went from a challenge to a full on 2 month course. Cost? $900.

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Yup there you go haha. Oof. From free to 900$…

You get sold on the mechanism or one aspect of the full on course or method or wtv.

Probably like having a day challenge on following 30 people per day… Then on day 5 people are bound to have grown by a %.

What if you could double your follow back by targeting better?! Too much manual work? What if it’s done for you?! Wham. Buy this buy that.

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They had a very well designed program. Started with a 3 or 5 day challenge. Encouraged everyone to “connect”. End or mid challenge they scheduled a time and actually called her.

She was hooked and bought the package. $900 per person is pretty stellar.


God, Now I’m very curious about that challenge.

Can you share the group that had the challenge or the challenge itself?

Just trying to see what they do different and how they built their funnels and everything else.

I’ll join the challenge myself, :smile: the best route to check how and what they do different to convert with this kind of prices


Create unique post in you group and share to other groups. daily post content in your group.

This will only work if his group is public.
It will not work if his group is closed or secret.


The extension is not downloading on my end, shows an error :frowning:

Maybe you can create fb account add 20-30 friends and then tag them on an ad photo for your group so all theirs friends will see :slight_smile: I don’t know if that works never try

create accounts on the same niche of your group, start adding friends related to your niche on those accounts, then promote your group on those accounts or add all of the friends to the group

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Nice guide :slight_smile:

Easy Guide

  • Create a new facebook profile where your posts are focused on the niche. Make it look genuine enough so people think you are a real person

  • Find other groups in your niche and join them

  • Friend request as many of their members as you can each day

  • Once you hit your 5000 friends limit then invite all to your group

  • Repeat until happy :slight_smile:

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Just make group about something which is gonna trend soon for example Made a group on upcoming famous game you’ll get thousands of members without doing anything