Favorite Comedian [WHO’S FUNNIEST]

Here’s a list of my favorite comedians. (In no particular order.) Feel free to add yours or funny shows you’d recommend! The world needs more laughter. :grin:

Chris D’Elia, Godfrey, Adam Ray, Chappelle, Louis CK, Andrew Schulz, Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Joey Diaz.

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I can’t hold back the smile on this, no matter how many times I watch it :smiley:

Mine favorite are by far Luis CK and Bill Burr. They are goddamn geniuses of comedy . Definitely my type of humor :smile:


Second this, also Theo von, Delia and Bobby lee. Also Norm McDonald and Eric Andrè.


Billy Connolly

Theo is pretty funny too.

Josh Wolf and Andrew Schulz

Do you like the brilliant idiots podcast?

Dave chapelle!!!


Checkout Mitch Hedburg for the best one liners


The best is Kevin Hart!

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Why is no one mentioning Jim Jefferies?

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Mark Zuckerberg


Russel Peters

Im from the UK and I really like Lee Mack!

Lee Evans - Hilarious

Has anyone seen Tony Baker’s voice overs? They are hilarious. I can watch them for hours.

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Ahaha thats hilarious

I saw David Spade and that Comedy and Magic CLub in Hermosa.
Always very funny

Robin Williams, hands down.

Took a tour of Alcatraz, and Robin shows up on the pier with Richard Pryor in a wheelchair. Everyone else on the boat kind of left them alone, because everyone could tell that Richard was not doing well, and it was hard on Robin. After the tour, on the boat ride back, Robin did a 30 minute impromptu set for all of us. My sides hurt so bad from laughing so hard. He told us he was so appreciative of us letting him enjoying this last trip with one of his best friends.