[[FAVORS]] How about Favor-for-Favor Scheme?

You can see, I am new to the MP, however, I have multiple facebook accounts and some of them have 3k+ friends (with MP, I am getting 100-200 friends added :slight_smile: ) and I do have groups with members number as low as 5k around so how about doing Favor-for-Favor!

What am I proposing?

I am proposing, I will add all my around 5k+ friends from all accounts to your respective groups and in favor you can add your all friends in mine groups. If this works and turns out to be the success, if somewhat 10 MP members agree to Favor-for-Favor scheme and add all their respective friends (~5k+ friends) to any one group, then without any excess hassle, anyone get 50k members to the group in a day or two. And after getting enough members, you know the rest of the story!

So Please lemme know if anyone’s here to ready to co-operate :smile: :wink:

You might be a little to late to the party though, read this topic.

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It can still be automatically added though the notification thing has been changed, it says, “***** invited to join the public group ****”

the notification thing is crucial, invitees != group members

they are [quote=“wues, post:4, topic:4730, full:true”]
the notification thing is crucial

but in my case, invitees = group members

You are definitely welcomed to try if anyone is in for this :slight_smile:

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what kind of groups/friends do you have?

one account with 2.5k friends with mostly tech-related and giveaways-related and so are the groups’ category with 5k+ members.
another account with 1k+ friends who are probably that fall for click-baits!

lets see if anyone agrees with my scheme :slight_smile: