Favour Sources with high follow back ratio

What for multiplier Factor you have here guys? Jarvee check it automatically with 5

I dont understand the multiplier factor, do some can explain what it this? Would be great <3

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I think it means you multiply the selection rank of the favourable source by the 5 or whatever variable you choose

Selection rank 100 X 5 = 500


Yup he’s right. So if you don’t change anything that means your favored sources will have 50 in priority, compared to the others with 10.

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thanks guys! really informative

Do y’all know if the multiplier applies to the source type (Follow user that interacted with posts,Follow followers of target accounts, etc) or the individual sources within each type? Or both? Trying to figure that out.

I think it applies to individual source of course
Otherwise, this function would be useless

finally I have it figured out. Thanks for asking it here! Was losing my shit trying to understand that function…

Need to revive this topic.

I am trying to use the multiplier function but it seems that my sources ranks do not change? Currently using multiplier 10 and all my follow sources are stuck at selection rank 10 (default).

Any experiences with this?

Nope, haven’t noticed anything here. Have you checked with the support?