Fb account banned when posting on groups after 2 posts

By looking at the image I suppose you’re doing gamehacks. And your account got banned because people in that group report your post/account to Facebook for review :slight_smile: I run a lot of accounts without proxies, IMHO FB bans us for activities, unlike paranoid IG.

Most likely your content has been flagged many times so anytime you post it, that profile becomes associated with the content. First try different proxies and if it still happens after that, you might want to change the angle of the content you are posting.

Do a little test:
Stop sharing from your FB page for 3 days,
but let all your accounts share random stuff
(i.e. posts from other people’s FB pages)
and see what happens.

If you still get banned, it means that you are going to fast,
or your accounts don’t look human in their behaviour,
or your proxies are bad.

If you don’t get banned, it means that the problem was that
FB saw dozens of accounts that share posts from 1 specific FB page.
so they concluded that these were all bot accounts promoting this page.


you make many more frnds on fB then this can’t do next time with you…